The legend of PlayStation 2 has not yet revealed all its secrets and details. The second Sony console is the best-selling in history (with 155 million units sold), and has a wide catalog of great exclusives and classic video games much loved by the community.

It may seem like we know everything about PS2, but we don’t know at all. The preservation group Hidden Palace has launched its initiative Project Deluge, which in its first part has revealed more than 700 demos and prototypes of PS2 games, and a total of 850GB information about the Sony 128-bit console.

With the objective of preserve the legacy of PlayStation 2, Hidden Palace has made a huge amount of console data, secrets and prototypes available to the community. Thus, we can know what the prototypes and demos of titles as legendary as God of War, Final Fantasy X, Ratchet & Clank or Shadow of the Colossus, among many others.

In the 850GB of data revealed, we can know hidden secrets of PS2, observe what the preliminary versions of their titles most emblematic, projects that did not come to light or demos that were never marketed, among many other things.

To date, the group has shown players what the demos and prototypes of Legacy of Kain 2, Final Fantasy X-2, Crash Bandicoot Cortex’s Revenge, God Hand or the first Ratchet & Clank, through his official channel on Twitch.

These ancient items have been miraculously salvaged before being destroyed, discarded or sold thanks to the Herculean efforts of one person. Said person not only took on the responsibility of backing up everything he had under his belt, but was as surprisingly kind as to allow us to view and preserve each item in your collection. Yes, it is, in full. Without asking for anything in return” explain the founders of Hidden Palace.

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You can see all the information and the list of secrets in the Hidden Palace website, although this initiative will grow over the weeks. The objective is that all users know new details and tons of information which, to date, were top secret.

If you are fans of Playstation 2 and you want to soak up its history, as well as know what their most iconic games were like In the early years of development, thanks to Hidden Palace your dream has come true. And is that the legend of PS2 is a glorious chapter in the history of video games.

Source: VGC