Just Cause Film Writer Anticipates Adaptation Trailers And Announcements

Just Cause Film Writer Anticipates Adaptation Trailers And Announcements

For those of you who didn’t know, yes, there is a Just Cause movie in production. Within the extensive list of video games that will make the leap to the big screen, the franchise starring Rico Rodriguez is one of them. Derek Kolstad, co-creator among other sagas of John Wick, is in charge of the script of this adaptation that promises a lot of unbridled action and that will have the director Michael Dowse at the helm to bring it to fruition.

Kolstad has been talking to Collider about the next adaptation of Just Cause and has left some very interesting details. The most striking is that the writer anticipates a reveal of the casting of the film in the next two weeks, which is indicative of the progress of the production towards its filming.

He’s also been talking about what’s most important to him in creating a video game adaptation. Derek Kolstad highlights the intention of remaining faithful to the original material of the games: setting, plot, villains, characters … And we think it is phenomenal.

His way of seeing Rico Rodriguez has also caught our attention. Kolstad says that the character is a kind of hybrid between Indiana Jones and James Bond. The irony is that we recently heard similar statements in another video game film adaptation. Tom holland explained a few months ago that for him, Nathan drake in the Uncharted movie he was like the son of Indy and Agent 007. Certainly each of those two characters tends more to one of the two icons of cinema.

What do you expect from the Just Cause movie? Do you think he will adapt the video games correctly with Derek Kolstad in charge of the script?

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