Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks have been due to a MiHoYo bug with the game’s beta

Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks have been due to a MiHoYo bug with the game's beta

Genshin Impact has been heavily affected by the leaks. The practice, which is already the daily bread for players of a number of online titles, has stirred the community of this popular free to play and has ended up affecting its own developer.

Some days ago, material belonging to patch 1.5 of Genshin Impact it was filtered among the accounts specialized in this type of information. This created quite a stir, as forums like 4chan added more data that snowballed anger from the gaming community.

That details were revealed about what is to come seems to be the work of a security failure and control by the developer itself, miHoYo, which acknowledged the error in a statement on Twitter, while asking for the support of the players.

This is all due to my enabled the beta of this update and a few users downloaded the client and redistributed it to number of users. The leaks were to be expected and many voices have been raised to request that a team of their own testers be hired to avoid this type of failure.

The filtration too has exposed users and divided the player base. Some believe that these leaks help generate more desire to see what will come in the future, others think that surprises are spoiled and others simply defend that the Chinese company bet on safety.

In case you’ve been disconnected from the game, Genshin Impact Update 1.4 was released a few days ago. We tell you all the news, compensations and the first banner that repeats.

Source: KeenGamer

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