New in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade by Yoshinori Kitase: lighting, photo mode, Yuffie …

New in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade by Yoshinori Kitase: lighting, photo mode, Yuffie ...

As we also told you about the new details of Resident Evil Village in that event, this one has also hosted Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. And like the other time, thanks to @aitaikimochi on Twitter for the translation, where he began by commenting that there was a new presenter, which said: “Do you remember at the beginning of FF7R when you were following Sephiroth? Well, I was following him for … other reasons … if you know what I mean.“.

However, and already introducing Yoshinori Kitase, he himself claimed that he would speak about 3 Intergrade highlights. The first of them the improvement of graphics on PS5, with textures, lighting, etc. In particular there will be the lighting, since the characters look better with this improvement, there is a team of 10 people focused only on that, and they are professionals who think about the lighting of each scene. If before reading more you prefer to see it for yourself, from Square Enix have shared an extended video with the characteristics.

They seem to be a professional team specialized in all kinds of lighting and how to adjust it in each case to give realism. Although the atmospheric fog effects help to improve the scenes, as in chapter 9, although in chapter 15 it will be noticed much more because many have been added more textures in sight from Midgar: “Maybe there were parts not visible on PS4, which now on PS5 can be seen“.

The second highlight is the photo mode, Kitase claims to have added it in PS5 because everything has been improved, and they thought that players would like to take and share photos of moments in high quality of the characters; there will be different angles, filters, compositions… Regarding the third aspect, Yuffie and the DLC, Kitase explains that she works alongside Sonon and the group AVALANCHE in the DLC, since it is the protagonist the players will see the events through her; although they will cross paths with Barret, Tifa and others.

Finally, in addition to a question around Jessie that Kitase can’t answer, he himself reveals that I wanted a scene where Tifa saved Cloud, that’s why they added it in chapter 17. The rest are things that Kitase has been reeling off a bit, as for example if the scene of the meeting with yuffie It is the one from the trailer that was seen or another and that with this new game lighting new things can be discovered thanks to this and the improved textures.

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For now, that’s it, but the event can be seen in full in the PlayStation Japan channel, although in Japanese obviously.

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