Be it PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S or any console and / or PC gaming, it is clear that nobody wants it to get dirty, accumulate dust or stain. Therefore, some try in various ways create or buy some kind of protection for machines. But when it comes to making it, the most popular materials are almost always cloth and plastic.what do you think if we show you this wood covering?

Forget all those aforementioned things, embrace this lovely PlayStation design in wood to protect the PS5. The carpenter and furniture designer Chris salomone He decided to come up with something different, so he got down to work. After seeing that his console stood out a bit with the interior look, he decided to make it “blend in” better by creating a cover.

For the project a hand has been lent with the design via CAD -computer-aided design- and then start his week-long work. With help in a combination of hand and power tools, at the same time that he made the details with a precise carving, in the end he achieved give life to this marvel in wood.

I have always loved video games, and even more so the design of many consoles. One of the most iconic (in my opinion) is the PlayStation 1. So today I am creating a giant PlayStation 1 made of wood as a cover for my PlayStation 5. It may not be the most practical use of my time, but I have! lots of fun!“said Salomone.

In the video that you can see just above these lines you will see all the details about this wooden creation of a PlayStation. Everything must be said, certainly, that It is very interesting to see the ingenuity of these people and how much they enjoy their passions.

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¿You use something in particular to protect your PS5 from external agents such as dirt and / or dust?

Source: PlayStationing