Video games often serve as an escape for those people who do not have a good time in their day, or who suffer from diseases. It is the case of this player who suffers paralysis, but that does not prevent you from being able to enjoy Animal Crossing New Horizons on Switch, thanks to an app on your tablet.

It is just a sample of the effort and improvement of this player, with the name of Biggy on Reddit, which shows us its setup to play Animal Crossing New Horizons. Despite suffering paralysis from the chest down, is able to use both hands and teaches us in a video.

To do this, use the application JoyCon Droid, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Using his tablet, he is able to emulate the controls of the Joy Con or the Switch Pro Controller, linking the device to the Nintendo Switch console via Bluetooth.

I am paralyzed from the chest down with significant loss of motor function in both hands. I discovered an app that let me play animal crossing with both hands! Full review of Accessibility in Animal Crossing and links to the app in the comments. desde r / AnimalCrossing

Without the need for cables or cumbersome procedures, this paralyzed player is capable of play Animal Crossing New Horizons with both hands. Your tablet acts as a command, with all necessary buttons to enjoy the title, and also shows us its setup when it comes to enjoying video games.

Biggy himself explains how to download this app, as well as the switch bind process and its operation. Though has significantly lost motor ability, that doesn’t stop you from decorating your island and living the Animal Crossing New Horizons experience.

This application syncs via Bluetooth directly to the Switch console, which means that I can access all the intended functions of the game without the hassle of all the extra cables. I can fully enjoy the game thanks to this

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This post on Reddit has gone viral in the last few hours, accumulating more than 56,000 positive votes and receiving coverage from multiple websites. It is just a sample that, fortunately, there are more and more accessibility options for people with paralysis problems to enjoy video games.

Without a doubt, this player deserves a loud applause for his effort and improvement, and we are very happy that he is able to fully enjoy himself, despite his paralysis. It is a clear sign that video games represent those same values.

Source: Dexerto