This is the incredible BioShock mod from Half-Life: Alyx, which already offers a full campaign

This is the incredible BioShock mod from Half-Life: Alyx, which already offers a full campaign

At first it was just a mod for Half-Life: Alyx with which it was intended to move, a little, the BioShock universe to the world in valve virtual reality. Now, that project has not only evolved enormously, but has even become a totally new and complete experience with history.

¿What does this mean to us?? Well, now you can enjoy the story of BioShock in virtual reality through Half-Life: Alyx. Return to Rapture, by Wim Buytaert, is a story in eight parts that revisits with a new perspective the dystopian city of rapture with a bell in the form of a hybrid remake / remix with VR.

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This project is impressive, since while in the demo many resources of the game were retouched, Buytaert himself has commented that the new campaign uses up to 200 assets from the real game, has permission from its creators. Now the mod has zones that can be used, like Circus of Values or the machines of the Little sisters, fully usable in VR.

If this were not enough, for the project they have hired professional voice actors to help in the immersion of the story, in which you can see Alyx crashing into Rapture’s entrance; and that is by no means all it will offer. There are daily audio as in the original game, written notes that guide us and more. We leave you with 15 minutes of gameplay courtesy of UploadVR.

To see authentic and the fidelity that has been wanted to offer with this modJust take a look at its beginnings and how the mod is developing. Of course, be careful with the possible spoilers for Half-Life Alyx that may be swarming through the gameplay.

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¿You liked this mod of BioShock in VR? To fans of world created by Ken Levine they will love it.

Source: UploadVR

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