This is Santo, the new Netflix crime series starring Raúl Arévalo and Bruno Gagliasso

This is Santo, the new Netflix crime series starring Raúl Arévalo and Bruno Gagliasso

Slowly Netflix is preparing new and more varied content with which to keep its users and encourage the arrival of new subscribers. Among his next projects we find Holy, the first original production of the platform made between Spain and Brazil and which has been created by Carlos Lopez (Hache, The prince, The embassy).

Starring Raul Arevalo (Riot, Late to Wrath, Black Beach) and Bruno gagliasso (O Seventh Guardião, Rising Sun, Ambitious Women), this police series revolves around Santo, a drug dealer whose face has never been revealed. Cardona and Millán, two completely opposite policemen, will be in charge of finding Santo, having to learn to collaborate with each other in order to get out of this dangerous mission alive.

“Santo is like an earthquake with two simultaneous epicenters, one in Brazil and the other in Spain: the story of two policemen on two different continents who join their paths to chase an enemy that nobody knows how it is because he has never been seen”, commented the creator of the Santo series. “It is quite a challenge but we will be able to see it as it is imagined because we have a top-level team and a privileged cast. Working with Raúl and Bruno also guarantees that this trip will leave a mark on us.”

“Santo is a series that is going to surprise by the originality of its approach and by having a frenetic narrative pulse. Joining Spanish talent with Brazilian talent has caused an explosion of creativity. It is a thriller that gives goose bumps”, he declared. Verónica Fernández, content director of Netflix Spain.

At the moment the release date of the Santo series on Netflix, although it has been confirmed that its filming will begin in April of this 2021.

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