Spain proposes scoring the device repairability index

España plantea puntuar el índice de reparabilidad de los dispositivos

Relatively recently, concepts such as repairability index and right to repair have crept into the agenda of official institutions, but in reality it reflects a desire of users for many years, and that with the passage of time has been intensifying, in a direct way proportional to the difficulty that they have been encountering. when trying to repair anything from a shoe to a car.

As a general rule, manufacturers argue that this complexity is directly related to safety, with the quality of production and the complexity of it, but the truth is that, on many occasions, we have come across measures that seemed to be taken more to avoid the intervention of third parties, than for any other purpose. This is something that goes against the right to repair and that would be indicated in a repairability index.

With regard to the first, a few months ago the European Parliament voted to give it legal backing. The intention is, as we already told you at the time, combat practices such as planned obsolescence and others that force continuous consumption, instead of seeking to extend the useful life of the devices. And within these plans is included the repairability index, which will score how simple or complex it is to fix a device if necessary.

«A harmonized mandatory labeling indicating durability and the fight against premature obsolescence […] to provide clear, immediately visible and easy-to-understand information to consumers about the estimated shelf life and repairability of a product at the time of purchase«, Proposes the norm.

In this context, the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, has positioned himself in favor of the reparability index, stating that it will contribute together with other measures to change the mentality and paradigm when it comes to consuming, as we can read in a tweet of New Economy Forum. And the interesting thing is that it does not say that it could contribute, but that it is going to do it, which indicates that the Spanish executive is already working on the implementation of the repairability index, probably jointly with other states of the European Union.

Remember that the repairability index it is already compulsory in France since last year. In our neighboring country a grade is assigned between 1 and 10, and manufacturers are required to display this information both on their packaging and on the website. Although there is still no certainty in this regard, it seems quite probable that the implementation of the reparability index in Spain will follow the same model that we can already see in the French country.

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