Launching (or not) Black Widow in theaters will be a “last minute decision,” says Disney CEO

Launching (or not) Black Widow in theaters will be a "last minute decision," says Disney CEO

The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped wreaking havoc in many areas, including entertainment, where we have seen how most of the most anticipated film releases have been postponing their releases in theaters every two by three, some of them even going out directly in streaming platforms.

Within the most anticipated movies we have Black Widow, a tape with which the Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Back in May 2020 and that finally its delays have made the new cycle of the UCM officially start last January with the Scarlet Witch and Vision series.

While Disney is already beginning to plan its theatrical and Disney + releases almost simultaneously, at the moment it appears that it remains among the mouse company’s plans to release the film Black Widow first in theaters. And we say “for the moment” because it is something that could change drastically depending on how the situation is with the pandemic.

At least he has affirmed it Bob chapek, CEO of Disney, during an interview with Bloomberg, who assures that the release of Black Widow in theaters it will be “a last minute decision” depending on how the situation is with theaters in May. “Our situation and our conditions change,” he declared. “Just a few weeks ago, the theaters in New York and Los Angeles weren’t even open. Now all of a sudden they’re open, so we’re waiting to see how potential viewers respond to these reopens. To remain flexible. We’ll probably take the one. last-minute decision in terms of how these movies hit the market, be it Black Widow or any other title. “

Whether or not it reaches theaters, one of the main questions will be how long Disney Plus users will have to wait to see the movie Black Widow on the platform and, above all, if it will go through the Premium service first as Mulan and the Recent Stripe and the Last Dragon. After all, Soul went straight for Disney Plus at no additional cost and the Oscar nominee Nomadland will be available on the platform’s Star channel just one month after its theatrical release and at no additional cost to its subscribers, so Black Widow could perfectly (or maybe not) continue in this last line.

In any case, At the moment the film Black Widow continues to have its theatrical release date set for next May 7, 2021. Meanwhile, actor David Harbor enlivens the Black Widow’s wait with a new image of Red Guardian.

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