How to level up fast in Fortnite season 6: best tricks, tips and places to earn XP fast

How to level up fast in Fortnite season 6: best tricks, tips and places to earn XP fast

With the beginning of a new season of Fortnite, different playable aspects have changed such as the inclusion of a crafting menu, resources and animals throughout the map, and with this it has also affected the possibility of obtaining experience to raise our level of the pass battle.

While there are many ways to gain experience in Fortnite season 6 reminiscent of previous seasons, the fact that different changes have been included makes some methods more effective than others, and we have already discovered them.

Obviously you will have to invest hours to be able to raise your level of the battle pass to the maximum you can and get each of the rewards that are offered to you, and the following methods that we are going to expose you are working very well for us.

How to level up fast in Fortnite season 6: best tricks, tips and places to earn XP faster

For you to perform all these methods, you will at least have to invest one or two hours a day because if not it is relatively impossible to reach the most advanced level of the battle pass by unlocking all the rewards.

Completing daily and weekly challenges

This is the most common way to quickly raise the level of the battle pass, because if we connect daily solving challenges that last a few hours, and also overcome all the weekly challenges, we will be able to raise at least 50 levels of the battle pass during each one of the seasons.

Buying the battle pass

This is the grace, because if you want to go up to the maximum level it is recommended that you have the battle pass unlocked to take all those bonuses along the way.

In addition, you will get different rewards such as V-Bucks that you can invest in skipping a few levels of the battle pass.

From time to time Epic Games will reward Battle Pass buyers with additional experience.

Chaining many eliminations

It is recommended that you focus on eliminating enemies in the different game modes, to get all these experience points in the games:

  • 1 eliminations – 50 XP
  • 2 eliminations – 20 XP
  • 3 eliminations – 40 EXP
  • 4 eliminations – 60 XP
  • 5 Eliminations – 80 XP
  • 6 eliminations – 100 XP

Staying in the highest positions

If you manage to eliminate other users and at the same time finish in the last positions, you will also get additional experience. You can also opt for a totally passive game, hide, and only appear when the final circle is, and even if they eliminate you, you will get a lot of experience.


  • 1st – 300 EXP
  • 2nd – 200 EXP
  • 3rd to 10th – 100 XP
  • 11th to 20-25th EXP

Surviving as long as possible

Depending on how long you last in a game, you will receive additional experience, so it would be a good way to be a bit of a coward and hide to receive all this experience:

  • 2:02 minutes – 17 XP (before the first storm)
  • 5:06 minutes – 51 EXP (before the first storm)
  • 6:04 minutes – 85 EXP (First Storm)
  • 9:23 minutes – 136 EXP (before the second storm)
  • 12:33 minutes – 187 EXP (Second Storm)
  • 18:10 minutes – 238 XP (before the fourth storm)

Play in teams

You can get experience faster if you play in duos or squads, especially if you play with your friends since communication would be easier. And it is that during seasons it has been shown that playing in squads is an excellent method to quickly raise the level of the battle pass.

Hunting animals and crafting items

It is one of the novelties introduced in this season 6, being able to hunt chickens, wild boars or wolves, which will give us additional experience in the games.

Also take advantage of each of the resources to create elements such as the hunter’s cape or even improve weapons, which will also grant you additional experience.

Getting vegetables and all kinds of food

For example, you can go to Spiteful Corner, where we find buildings full of vegetables and food, collect all of them and use them.

Before you have to do some damage to yourself so that by consuming all these resources not only the life bar is filled, but we also gain experience.

In Team Fight

It is perhaps the wild card game mode to overcome the challenges, but it is also very easy to level up the battle pass.

Just start a game, enjoy it for a few minutes, and if you see that your team is going to win, stay until the end. But if you see that your team is losing with a lot of difference, it would be more advisable to leave the game and re-enter another.

Picking up and dropping chunks of meat

It is a small flaw, which will surely be solved, and that is that when you pick up a piece of meat, and then drop it again, and pick it up again and again from your inventory, it will tell you that you are collecting new meat giving you additional experience.

With all these Methods to Quickly Level Up the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass, you will have a lot of experience right from the start. We suggest you consult guides such as Fortnite week 1 season 6: how to complete all the missions, the best place to hunt animals, everything that the Fortnite season 6 battle pass brings, the mythical weapons and bosses, how to get the Multi-jump Boots , where to find the gold figurines near the needle, where to investigate the anomaly in Rincón Rencoroso and in the Sleeping Pools area.

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