How Star Wars could lead to hologram mobiles in the future

How Star Wars could lead to hologram mobiles in the future

20 or 25 years ago, video calls were futuristic inventions or schemes by Machiavellian villains who contacted their victims through giant screens to reveal their evil plans. Video calling booths have appeared in movies such as Total Challenge or in series like The Simpsons, but it was not until the 2010s that technology allowed these types of calls universally through smaller devices such as smartphones. But is that the limit?

According to the company IKINvideo calls are just one step on the road to the culmination of a much more ambitious form of communication, holograms. Taylor scott, CEO of the company, has spoken of the project that he presented at CES 2021.

IKIN works hard to develop holographic technology capable of being compatible with future smartphones and that can reproduce 3-dimensional images of whoever calls us or of the photographs we have taken with the device.

Scott comments to TechRepublic that Star Wars was the franchise that inspired him, like many others, of the capabilities that this technology would have in the real world. Recall the call for help from the princess Leia in A New Hope as the moment he fell in love with holography. That technology, which more than 40 years ago was an almost utopian dream, is now becoming much more plausible, and according to Scott it could even help in fields such as medicine or transportation of the future.

Wouldn’t you like to call your friends to run the Order 66 with a really cool hologram from your smartphone?

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