Dress up your Nintendo Switch storage with Apex Legends with the official 128GB microSDXC card

Dress up your Nintendo Switch storage with Apex Legends with the official 128GB microSDXC card

Since Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017, the price of microSD cards has been falling gradually, and today it is possible to find models of very different capacities at more than reasonable prices, thus remedying one of the great defects of the hybrid console from Nintendo: its scarce storage.

And not only that: there are more and more “official” models, with the motives of a game, as is the case of the new 128GB Apex Legends microSD XC, which is already on sale for 24.99 euros and that, of course, is mainly aimed at fans of the EA game.

It is by no means the first official microSD model with the motifs of a video game, Sandisk has already launched several Nintendo models (although in this case it does not include the SD adapter), dedicated to series such as Zelda or Mario, with the silk-screened card with personalized packaging, which in this case is a gray tone and with the “A” of the game.

And it is that little by little, the games of Nintendo Switch increasingly occupy more, and a card of these characteristics begins to be essential. Take your own example Apex legends, which requires a 25 GB download (and would take up all the internal storage of the console).

Get the Apex Legends microSD XC card at the best price

And it is not an isolated case: it does not matter if buy your Nintendo Switch games digitally, as if it is in physical format. Games are taking up more and more and require larger downloads. Take NBA 2K21 or the great compilation Bioshock The Collection (which in some cases exceed 30 GB of additional download).

And that’s not where the other Free 2 Play games like Fortnite (and the 12 GB that season 6 occupies) enter, nor do we demos, nor save videos and captures (or even photos of the mobile) … Of the updates of the games already Nor do we speak, that there are also some that occupy real atrocities.

In the technical part, the XC-1 microSD card from Apex Legends It offers a read speed of up to 100MB / s, which means that loading your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite digital games will be as fast as the console can. For its part, the writing speed is 90MB / s, which means that if you need to transfer the files from your previous card to one of these new models, or transfer the captures or videos to your PC, you will enjoy a high transfer speed.

We have been able to test this card for a week, and in our tests of the Apex Legends microSDXC card the read and write data is in line with the manufacturer’s specifications, and given Sandisk’s reputation, it is a fast and reliable model.

The differentiating element here is the design, the screen printing that covers the entire surface of the card, although in everything else, they are practically identical to other models of the manufacturer. Therefore, if you are not quite enthusiastic about the microSD Apex Legends layout, you will always have other alternatives licensed by Nintendo …

Official Apex Legends MicroSD

Right now the 64GB microSDXC card with the motifs of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WIld is sold out, but not the rest of the models, such as the 128 GB with Mario’s mushroom for 21.99 euros, the 256GB model with the invincibility star from Super Mario for 41.90 euros (currently 57% off) or 512 GB, in green and with the Animal Crossing sheet, for 156.99 euros.

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