Construction begins on the Donkey Kong area in Super Nintendo World, and it is as big as Mario’s

Construction begins on the Donkey Kong area in Super Nintendo World, and it is as big as Mario's

Super nintendo world, the Nintendo theme park located in Universal Studios Japan, finally opens, after months of delays, on March 18. However, we already know practically everything about the park, as many people have obtained advance passes, showing in dozens of photos and videos all its attractions, shops, restaurants and mini-games.

For now, Super Nintendo World (one more thematic area of ​​the Universal Studios Japan park, it is not a park itself) includes two attractions based on Mario Kart and Yoshi, and the whole setting is based on the worlds of Super Mario: it could almost be called Super Mario World.

However, there are expansion plans, and according to this tweet, construction has already begun on a new area right next to Super Nintendo World. And everything indicates that it is a zone of Donkey Kong Country.

This aerial image shows a large area next to Nintendo’s (and next to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts castle) under construction. And pay attention to the second photo: you can see that the entry (which currently does not lead anywhere) is themed with a style very similar to that of the Donkey Kong Country games from Retro Studios.

This photo, of VGC, shows the Donkey Kong door in more detail in more detail.

Donkey Kong Country Super Nintendo World VGC

We talk about Donkey Kong because this mockup, from 2016Imagine what a Donkey Kong Country area would look like for the newly announced park at the time. This area would have a star attraction inspired by the wagon phases of the DKC games, apparently a indoor roller coaster. Even the shape of the area on the model, slightly triangular, fits perfectly with the aerial photography of the park today.

Super Nintendo World Donkey Kong Universal

It’s not the only one evidence we have from the Donkey Kong area in the park: The current Super Nintendo World app includes images of Donkey Kong, which are currently not used at all. According to VGC, the app sometimes refers to the area as Super Mario Land, as if distinguishing it from other areas within Super Nintendo World, which currently do not exist.

In addition, the concept art for Epic Universe, the future Orlando park that will have the Super Nintendo World area (second only to Japan) also shows this area of ​​Donkey Kong. The Donkey Kong area has never been officially announced, but they are already many evidences that suggest that it will be a reality in Osaka park.

Would you like to ride a roller coaster inspired by the frenetic levels of wagons from the Donkey Kong games? Without a doubt, it would be one of the best ideas for the park, although there are still many other Nintendo franchises that are not represented, such as Zelda or Metroid. Can you imagine how those attractions could be?

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