GTA Online will load faster thanks to a player

GTA Online cargará más rápido gracias a un jugador

It seems incredible that almost eight years have passed since the arrival of GTA V and, only a few weeks later, GTA Online, the multiplayer mode that has been so successful over the years and that, in addition, has become a widely used platform to “role-play”, either in a particular way between groups of friends, or live on Twitch and other platforms, in which to this day it is still a highly demanded content (as I write this news, it is the second most viewed category on Twitch, with something more 400,000 viewers, which I will surely join in a few minutes).

Until the middle of last year it was already a fairly widespread game, but its numbers rose like foam when, in what is possibly the most expensive marketing action in the history of Epic Games, the company gave it away for a week. Not only did the copies of GTA V in use increase, also the servers to play GTA Online bloomed like flowers in spring. Suddenly, everyone had at least one friend on a roleplaying server in GTA V’s online mode. I confess that even I thought about it myself, but fortunately the project was banished.

And it is understandable, GTA Online offers a huge catalog of possibilities: a very extensive map, mechanics that fit quite well with the online role-playing game models, and so on. This, in combination with the rules specifically established on each server and, of course, the contribution of each player with their character, means that not each game, but each game day, is substantially different from the rest, thus offering an experience game in which there will always be something new.

Now, they are not all advantages in GTA Online. If you’ve ever played it, you’ll know that its loading time is, at best, high. In the least good it can range between six and ten minutes, and there are users who, as a rule, have to wait up to a quarter of an hour for the game to complete its load. And beware, I’m not talking about server waiting times or anything like that, I’m talking about the loading time of the game itself, regardless of the connection.

This is a problem that has accompanied GTA Online since its inception, and one that Rockstar doesn’t seem to have paid too much attention. And since we understand that they are already working on the more than expected GTA VI, expecting the company to fix it at this point was nothing short of waiting for a miracle. What nobody expected is that the solution came from the hand of a player, but that is precisely what has happened.

A fan of the game, who is identified by the nickname t0st, has published extensive and interesting research about the infamous loading times of GTA Online and, after finding the causes of them, has come up with the solutions that could reduce these times by up to 70%. All, simply, by correcting certain elements of the game’s code, a revision that, frankly, could have already been carried out by Rockstar years ago.

But hey, all is well that ends well and, as Rockstar has declared to various media, they have acknowledged receipt of the investigation carried out by t0st and, after accepting it as good, They plan to apply the results of the same to GTA Online soonso that players can benefit from these improvements in an upcoming update. At the moment there is no date, and it is unknown if the company will apply all the recommendations of the study, but simply that they have acknowledged receipt is already a great sign in this regard.

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