Fortnite update 16.00: all the news for season 6 (patch notes)

Fortnite update 16.00: all the news for season 6 (patch notes)

Epic Games has opted for a different season finale, without a big event, which has been booked for the start of Season 6. And today, It’s time to welcome Season 6 of Fortnite. After having taken a look at the great changes to the Fortnite season 6 map, it’s time to see what changes, news and adjustments have been made in the Fortnite update 16.00.

New skins, cosmetic elements of all kinds, a new plot yet to be revealed, changes to the map and much more comes to Fortnite today with Season 6. So, if you wonder what’s new in Fortnite in season 6you are in the right place

Fortnite update 16.00: all the news for season 6 (patch notes)

Apart from the new areas on the map, the skins and new playable mechanics, the battle royale has already revealed many more secrets. Although it is still early, the first weight changes in Fortnite update 16.00 have already been noted.

We have new objects, a map with news, new weapons and objects that arrive and others leave the battle royale mode and a few relevant changes and corrections. We will keep updating as more news is announced in the patch notes.

New map of Fortnite season 6

The map has apparently undergone minor modifications. The main changes now appear to be in the central zone, where the desert used to be, which has branched out further and generated six zones that appear to have a guardian at their ends.

Until the game is operational again, we will not be able to confirm it .. but it seems that each of these extremes will have a tower and a guardian (of the bay, of the fields, of the sea …). Where the zero point was, now is “the needle”, or that’s the temporary name.

New mechanics

It seems confirmed that there will be animals this season, including wolves, wild boars, chickens and frogs. The leaks suggest that some of them will be able to be tamed and used, although it is not yet very clear for what purpose. It is known that chickens can be used for planning.

With gold we can now buy information, such as where the storm will go or even cracks to be able to launch into the air and plan. Finally, it will also be possible to build new objects with some animal remains and mechanical parts

New weapons and items

In the absence of the game returning and we can give the official names, there will be new objects and weapons, such as different types of bow with different types of arrows each. Here’s a quick look at the items that have been leaked so far …

weapons fortnite season 6

New fish and creatures

Fishing will continue to be one of the game mechanics, and there will be new creatures, such as octopuses, or new types of fish. Here the first.

Fortnite fish and octopus season 6

Battle Pass

The battle pass will have seven new skins, to which Neymar will join, who will have his own challenges (it seems to be the hidden skin of season 6 chapter 2).

battle pass season 6

Weapons coming out of the Chamber

  • Pump Shotgun

Bug fixes


  • Balloons are no longer disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where the Phantasmic Pulse pickaxe’s style colors could not be edited in the wardrobe.

Battle royale

  • Fixed the issue where the inventory selector would appear in multiple slots.

Creative mode

  • Fixed the error whereby pressing the default key in the game lobby did not start the game.
  • Fixed the issue where the player’s featured rift would sometimes show a seasonal rift.

Save the world

  • Fixed Val Defender having no perks when unlocked from missions.


Feel free to take a look at all the Fortnite Season 6 skins. You can not miss the trailer for Fortnite Season 6, which gives clues to the new plot, as well as the trailer for the battle pass that details the first cosmetic items.

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