Nintendo just announced a new update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, which will be released next March 18th. Many novelties arrive, among them the first anniversary cake, collaboration with Sanrio characters and new seasonal items.

We already told you that Hello Kitty and other characters of the company Sanrio They would arrive at Animal Crossing, but it is not the only novelty. As part of the March updates, The Egg Hunt returns, on the occasion of the Easter season, in addition to new limited items that you can buy at Hermanas Manitas or Tele Nook.

One of the great novelties of this update, which you will be able to download next Thursday, are the new improvements for My Designs. Four new design styles arrive, as part of the label My professional designs +, in addition to 100 additional spaces to save your creations.

If you download the update on the same day March 18, you will receive Animal Crossing New Horizons 1st Anniversary Cake, and is that the exclusive of Nintendo Switch turns 1 year on March 20. You can find this object in the mailbox, after installing the new update.

As usual, the new Animal Crossing New Horizons update adds new seasonal items, based on the remainder of March and next April. For example, you can buy the joke cushion (to celebrate April’s Fools), prom clothes or the terrestrial globe, to celebrate Nature Day.

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And for lovers of Egg Hunt, as of March 28 Coti Conejal arrives to claim all the Easter eggs that we find on the island. You already know that they can be used as material to build objects, or you can also give them to Coti Conejal to get exclusive rewards.

The next March 18th You can download this new update for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Oh, and if you are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, you can get a console Nintendo Switch Lite as a game object, to decorate your video game room.