Adobe blocks a user for sharing a 1994 Acrobat Reader 1.0

Adobe bloquea a un usuario por compartir un Acrobat Reader 1.0 de 1994 31

Adobe, like any company, is fighting hard to prevent illegal downloads of its products. However, the company is not limited to recent versions, but also pursues authentic software relics.

Mikko hyppönen, a researcher at the security firm F-Secure, was surprised a few hours ago when a tweet published in 2016 where it linked to a “Unauthorized copy” Acrobat Reader 1.0 for MS-DOS, a version of the popular PDF reader dating from 1994.

“This software is old. It belongs to a museum, not a DMCA claim ” Hyppönen has commented. “I will keep the original tweets. It is just a link to a site managed by someone else. If necessary, I will fight Adobe. “

The notice sent to Mikko Hyppönen does not provide details on the reasons for the deletion, other than a possible copyright infringement. The signature is from a brand protection analyst at Incopro, one of Adobe’s anti-piracy partners.


Since its launch in 1993, PDF has become a standard in the publishing world and Adobe Readers are still the most popular, although there are hundreds of free alternatives. Obviously, neither this nor any version from so long ago provides any kind of revenue to Adobe.

In the absence of an official response from the DMCA or Adobe, we suspect that this is a error of an automated filter system. In any case, it would make much more sense for the same company to be in charge of providing the free download of this type of versions and why not, boast of being one of the leading companies from the history of computing.

Via | Torrentfreak

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