This brutal replica of The Mandalorian’s flamethrower is ideal for barbecues or for trading with Jawas

This brutal replica of The Mandalorian's flamethrower is ideal for barbecues or for trading with Jawas

The passion that The Mandalorian awakens knows no limits right now. A few days ago we showed you the brutal life-size replica that some Russian cosplayers had made of the Razor Crest, the Command ship in the star wars series from Disney Plus. There are few fans of the series created by Jon favreau who have shown their love for the characters through stunning cosplay or personal creations, as well as versions of the show’s main theme.

Today we are going to focus on another amazing creation that comes to us from the people of Hacksmith Industries. And it is that they have wrapped the blanket around their heads and have recreated the multipurpose to the millimeter flamethrower from The Mandalorian.

We had already seen a cosplayer from The Mandalorian who had included a small lighter in his gauntlet to simulate the effect of a flamethrower, albeit with a very discreet flame. Well, the folks at Hacksmith Industries don’t want to light candles, they want to set the cake on fire.

Din djarin He uses his trusty wrist flamethrower numerous times during The Mandalorian series. Whether it’s to rid yourself of Imperial foes or to negotiate with the Jawas who have stolen your ship’s parts, your trusty, blazing weapon is always there when you need it. The flamethrower is a regular in mandalorian armor, and a gadget to take into account if we have to face one of these legendary warriors in any game. Except that we were left scorched, of course.

What do you think of this recreation of the flamethrower from The Mandalorian?

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