New update for Xbox Series X | S fixes controller disconnect issues

New update for Xbox Series X | S fixes controller disconnect issues

Performance of Xbox Series X | S It is outstanding, and there are many users who are delighted with the new Microsoft consoles, although they are not perfect for that. Some users reported that they had a problem with their Xbox controllers, which disconnected randomly and without any explanation.

Apparently this problem had to do with wireless synchronization with the console, that is, a software issue. But don’t worry, because Microsoft has launched a new update for Xbox Series X | S, that solves the problem, among other things.

This has been stated Jason Ronald, an Xbox official, detailing that this update not only focuses on adding the so-called FPS Boost to a good handful of games, as well as HDR functions, but also to fix this problem. The update has been available for a few days.

There’s a lot of Xbox news this week, but in case you missed it, we released our new March Xbox system update yesterday. In addition to the new features, this release also fixes many of the controller disconnects that players have reported. Keep getting feedback” Jason Ronald explained on social media.

Mysteriously, Xbox controller disconnection It was more common on Xbox Series X than on Xbox Series S, and although it is not a particularly serious problem, it was striking that this happened in the middle of the game, and with no apparent explanation.

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Microsoft has not explained in detail the reason for these disconnections, so everything indicates that it is a software issue for Xbox consoles. Thanks to this update, this problem will disappear from your consoles, and you can enjoy games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim at 4K resolution, thanks to the FPS Boost.

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