Mario Kart’s Rainbow Path has its own set of Hot Wheels, which can now be pre-ordered on Amazon

Mario Kart's Rainbow Path has its own set of Hot Wheels, which can now be pre-ordered on Amazon

As part of the Super Mario spin-offs, Mario Kart is perhaps the most popular among Nintendo gamers. The many titles in the series have been widely accepted and continue to post really high sales.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they are launched products derived from Mario Kart. Hot wheels, the car and track toy brand, has announced a new set that is sure to delight many veteran players.

The Rainbow Path is one of the most famous tracks in Mario Kart and one of the most complicated to master, in each and every one of its versions. Now, Hot Wheels has revealed the adaptation in the form of a circuit, with King Boo and Mario included.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Path Coming May 29, 2021, but in some countries it is already being possible to reserve via Amazon at a price of 119 dollars. Hopefully it will be released in all territories.

The track can become a meandering layout or incorporate a completely straight version, where only the fastest will achieve victory. We leave you the images below. What do you think?

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