HBO Max would be preparing an “economic version” with ads and without the entire catalog.

HBO Max would be preparing an "economic version" with ads and without the entire catalog.

Despite the large amount of content that HBO Max account in its catalog and WarnerMedia’s efforts to promote the platform, the number of subscribers does not end up taking off with great force to get the service to match its direct competition. Warner hopes that will change this year, when HBO begins operating in numerous additional countries, including Spain. In addition, they have prepared an action plan for those who do not want to pay the $ 15 subscription per month that the service costs.

As collected CNET, HBO Max is preparing a cheaper plan for the platform that would start operating in June. Although the price has not yet been revealed, two “setbacks” that would characterize this subscription plan have been explained.

The first is that would include ads, although it has been explained that they would be seen at the beginning of the reproduction of a content and that the viewing with advertising would not be interrupted. This would help defray the additional costs of these subscriptions.

The second is no longer so “passable”. This new subscription plan would not include access to Warner premieres, which as you know this year are running simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. Movies like Godzilla vs Kong, Dune or Mortal Kombat would only be available in the standard version of HBO Max, and not in the economic one. Basically it would be a similar concept to Disney Plus with its premium access, but in reverse. Only those who are subscribed to the standard plan would have access to these movies during the month they are on the platform.

What do you think of WarnerMedia’s strategy for the budget version of HBO Max? Would you pay less even if you didn’t have access to the premieres and advertising was included?

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