Disney + exceeds 100 million subscribers and becomes “the company’s highest priority”


Disney + continues to grow and if the first anniversary of the platform ended with powerful numbers, the rounds have arrived: 100 million users This is what the CEO of the company affirms that they have already achieved, although it goes without saying that they aspire to much more.

In fact, Disney estimated its implementation in about 90 million users by 2024 and it is obvious that all this has already been outdated. The question, of course, is how have they been able to grow so quickly when the bulk of their catalog has been seen and when they have just released a couple of original series in the barely year and four months that they have been operating. And the answer is complex.

On the one hand, no one doubts the pull of franchises like Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the classics of the “dream factory”, it should be repeated, no matter how tired they are. On the other hand, a reduced subscription price, added to the pandemic effect, could have done the rest.

We must also grant them that their only two great original series -for all audiences- so far, The Mandalorian Y WandaVision, have been a success inside and outside the core of staunch fans of the fantastic universes, as has been the exclusive premiere of Soul, Pixar’s latest animated film.

The same has not happened with other premieres that were directed to the cinema, but that have ended up premiering on Disney + due to the unrest and restrictions generated by the pandemic, read Artemis Fowl, Mulan or Raya and the last dragon… But, of course, by success we mean its impact beyond the walls of the platform, whose data the company jealously guards.

Likewise, the growth of subscribers has been contributed by the numerous offers that have been made throughout the markets in which the platform is present, many of a semi-annual or annual nature, whose negative effect – all those who do not renew again – still we’ll see. However, to this day everything is going well.

So well, that the top management are working to increase their commitment to Disney +: «We have marked the goal of producing more than 100 new titles per year, including Disney Animation, Disney Live Action, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic«, explains Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, further assuring that «our direct-to-consumer business is the top priority for the company now«.

Thus, the hits of Disney and subsidiaries will continue to land in cinemas, but most likely they will also do so in Disney + … to the chagrin of the cinemas. It remains to be seen if people stay true to the content offering or end up getting tired of always seeing the same thing. At the moment, it does not seem to be the case, although the rise in prices may make it less attractive if the news continues to arrive in droppers.

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