Cyberpunk’s Johnny Silverhand Funko Pop is back: Amazon has stock and sells it for only 10 euros

Cyberpunk's Johnny Silverhand Funko Pop is back: Amazon has stock and sells it for only 10 euros

Since Keanu Reeves appeared in the presentation of CyberPunk 2077 playing his character, Johnny Silverhand, the actor’s popularity has exploded even more in the gaming community, if possible. Johnny silverhand, that conquers hearts wherever it steps, became the mainstay of CD Projekt Red’s Triple A.

If you too have fallen at the feet of the mysterious character played by Keanu Reeves, we have good news for you: The Johnny Silverhand Funko is on sale at Amazon and now you can get it for only 10.46 euros.

The original price of this Funko was 17.49 euros, so you save just over 7 euros with this 40% discount. Definitely, An almost obligatory purchase if you are a fan of CyberPunk 2077 and his most interesting character.

As for the Funko itself, it’s no wonder it exists, if Johnny Silverhand even has a Nendoroid! The figure shows Johnny holding two pistols and wearing his signature sunglasses put on, hiding their magnetic gaze.

There are not too many details, especially in the metallic arm that gives name to this character. It has incredible finishes that give Funko a lot of quality, including the tattoo on his right arm and even the drawing on his shirt.

It measures 9 centimeters, as usual in the Funkos, and is part of the CyberPunk 2077 collection, which also includes Takemura, V-Male, V-Female and Johnny Silverhand without sunglasses posing as the first time we saw him.

If you have Amazon prime or Prime Student, you can get this Funko for 10.46 euros on Amazon and receive it tomorrow at your home to complete your gaming setup with this well-crafted figurine of the most popular game in recent years.

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