Friends or How I Met Your Mother? The truth is that the second series could not exist without the first, as some consider it even a bit blatant plagiarism: two groups of friends in their twenties who fulfill the same roles, experience the same stories and live in New York.

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that both series have a good group of fans. And as they have become a television legend, merchandising has also emerged, such as Funkos. Today we bring you the Funko of the most famous character of How I Met Your Mother, Barney, for 10.46 euros on Amazon.

Get the Barney Stinson Funko for 10.46 euros

The figurine measures 9 centimeters, as has been tradition when we talk about Funkos. The quality is practically flawless, with very careful details that give this Funko a lot of personality, both for its clothing and its posture.

And it is that Barney, with a forward leg and a confident pose, keep one hand in your pocket while hold a glass with the other, just as the character used to drink in the bar where he met with his colleagues.

It is a very recent Funko, since it began to be sold last year, so you can see that the company has improved in the quality and details of its figurines. At the moment there are only this one, Ted’s and Robin’s as a pop singer, but we hope that over time they will be encouraged to do more.

If you are not a fan of Barney, you can also get a Funko of the protagonist of the series, Ted Mosby, for 15.25 euros and wearing the blue horn, which has already become the symbol of the series. If not, you already know: 10.46 euros you have the casanova from the series on your shelf.