This Grand Theft Auto mod combines San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City and more in a single, gigantic map

This Grand Theft Auto mod combines San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City and more in a single, gigantic map

The GTA multiplayer community created now in GTA Online has its beginning, albeit now flourishing, in GTA IV. On the one hand, there are users who enjoy the complete online experience of this system in GTA V, but it seems that there are those who have decided to do something else with their hands far from what they have done Rockstar games.

This Union of players could already be seen a few days ago when some Modders came together to finish the Mile High club, but that was not enough to satisfy the demand of many users who have been loyal to the games for years. ¿What if Rockstar decided to create a unique and huge map with all its universes gathered and playable?

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It seems that playing maps from other games was something very requested, so much so that some modders have decided to do it. Originally launched in 2015, in GTA Underground They have released version 4.17, simplifying the installation process. Using GTA San Andreas as a base, the mod combines several different maps, and not only from the Grand Theft Auto saga.

In just one, Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Manhunt and Bully, all together in one huge. This has already been tested by some youtubers and personalities from the world of GTA, with one of them exploring Liberty City and Vice City while testing, and testing in passing, other capabilities that the mod can offer. The new update also fixes bugs in multiplayer mode, adjusting collisions on maps, such as Vice City.

The team’s main vision was to unify the “3D era” of Rockstar in a game with the San Andreas graphics engine, since the game remains among the most popular of the study; and that will last 17 years. Now, with rumors of a possible return in all its glory, accompanied by these other classic games from the same era, it just might make a comeback stronger.

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