343 Industries has not yet announced the release date of the expected Halo Infinite, but in recent weeks, the developer has started to shed some light on various aspects of the new installment for Xbox Series X | S, One and PC.

One of the great attractions of Halo Infinite is the possibility of knowing a unique open world within the saga. It was precisely on this system and changes that 343 Industries focused on a recent question and answer.

Elements well known in other open world games will also be present in Halo Infinite. We are talking about a dynamic climate with which to add realism to the scenarios. At launch, the game will feature wind, fog, etc. The team confirmed that storms, blizzards and other add-ons will be incorporated into the game with post-launch updates.

We will also find night and day cycle, which will affect the cutscenes and will also have an impact on the gameplay, since there will be more patrols at night, but some enemies can also be found sleeping.

343 commented that Halo Infinite will present various biomes. The main one will be based in the Pacific Northwest, but there will be swamps, caves and many other environments that, by the way, will feature wildlife, although not hostile. All of this will be accompanied by side missions that will give players more freedom of exploration.

Did you know that Halo Infinite received help, in its development, from the creators of Gears 5? Microsoft has been very active this week and has confirmed that Xbox Series X | S still has unannounced games for this 2021.

Source: Halo Ask