The online games They tend to be the hardest hit by cheaters, and Call of Duty Warzone has certainly been the subject of cheats and hacks numerous times. But none is as destructive as this, which could allow end a game at any time

How has it been discovered this hack? Thanks to the streamer BisaG10, that while I was broadcasting a game on Activision’s free to play, the battle suddenly ended even with many players still standing. The most striking thing is that Final Kill cinematic appeared, which is only available in regular multiplayer games.

Imagine the streamer’s surprise when, in the middle of the game and with everything to decide, suddenly the session ends suddenly and no connection failure warning. This hack has been reported by other forum users like Reddit, and you can even see a small video clip of the same.

There is a possibility that it is a bug, but it is common for hackers to find new ways to cheat in Call of Duty Warzone. However, it is highly suspicious that just the game ends when the BisaG10 team is winning, and it eliminates several users with very flashy names …

What reveals that there were hackers in this game of Call of Duty Warzone, is that the usernames spelled a racial slur with symbols, something that would not be legally possible. It seems that this game-ending hack would be the ace up your sleeve of these cheaters in Activision’s multiplayer shooter.

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You can see the finding on video through the BisaG10 Twitch channel, but also in a tweet on the ModernWarzone Twitter account. At the time the hack occurs, there were still 60 players left in the game, and the last death kinematics. This is not possible in Warzone's Battle Royale modes, so there is no question.

At the moment, Activision has not commented on this hack, but the networks continue to share the clip of BisaG10. Of course, the recent announcement that Denuvo is coming to PS5 games is more necessary than ever to curb cheats in these games.

Source: PC Gamer