The mind-blowing night maneuvers of Japan’s life-size Gundam

The mind-blowing night maneuvers of Japan's life-size Gundam

Many of you will have on your radar the impressive creation that has been orchestrated in Japan. The country of the Rising Sun is very given to surprising us with some of its enormous life-size figures of popular culture, such as the Godzilla attraction where you take a zip line or the Neon Genesis Evangelion with the most impressive EVA-01 there is. in a theme park. But without a doubt the creation of Gundam At life size and with the ability to move in Yokohama, it is one of those bestialities that wins by a landslide.

A few months ago we were able to witness the first movement tests to which the engineering team subjected the immense wick. Gundam took its first steps and left those present with their jaw to the ground (or as far as the mask gave them).

Now we get new images of other night movement tests that are being carried out in this Gundam on a real world scale. It must be said that the lighting that it enjoys under the cover of night makes the movement and its entire presence even more amazing.

Standing 18 meters tall and weighing approximately 25 tons, this colossus towers over Yokohama defying any villain who dares to disturb the peace in the region. It is a long and expensive project that took its first steps in 2014. Well, its first steps were literally taken in 2020, in 2014 what it did was “be born.” The truth is that we really want to see what is next, which will surprise us with the team of engineers working on this gigantic mecha.

What do you think of the Gundam night maneuvers?

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