More desirable than an egg sandwich is this detailed Harley Quinn bust

More desirable than an egg sandwich is this detailed Harley Quinn bust

Although Suicide Squad was disliked by almost anyone, most DC fans agree that the best of the movie from David Yesterday was the interpretation of Margot robbie embodying Harley quinn. The character’s success led to her starring in her own film in Birds of Prey and she will soon be back in The Suicide Squad, this time directed by James Gunn and with a new cast.

If you are one of those who is delighted with the Harley Quinn from the DC Extended Universe (or Margot Robbie herself) this new collector’s item is sure to give you long teeth. And it is that Infinity Studio and Penguin Toys have presented a life-size bust of Harley Quinn belonging to the Suicide Squad movie.

Say that the harley quinn bust It is impressive it is to fall short, since it collects in detail the features of the actress in a figure so realistic that it will even seem that we have Margot Robbie herself adorning our house. Dressed in her iconic bat and pistol and displaying in detail the craftsmanship of her tattoos, outfit and makeup, this bust is certainly a collector’s item. You can contemplate it in depth through the following gallery of images.

“Sideshow and Infinity Studio and Penguin Toys are proud to present the life size bust of harley quinn! Harley Quinn is a unique character in the DC Extended Universe, she’s a villain, but deep down, there’s still something good about her. She was a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum, who falls in love with the Joker during his healing and decides to become a supervillain just like him. He became a member of Suicide Squad, a team formed by a group of supervillains to face the unknown lethal threat. To make this bust, we adopt platinum silicone to make your skin and custom eye prostheses to recreate your eyes, on the skin, we never forget your tattoo and makeup. His expression looks confident and brave, holding a bat and revolver in hand, preparing for battle, “the product description details.

As you can imagine, this imposing bust will not come cheap at all, since it will cost a whopping 3,999 dollars (about 3,339 euros to change) and is already available in pre-sale through the Sideshow website, with an estimated date of departure between April and June 2022. It will be a limited edition of 400 units, so if you are interested (and you can afford it) you should get it as soon as possible.

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