Capcom would have forced its employees to work in its offices despite the Covid-19 emergency in Japan

Capcom would have forced its employees to work in its offices despite the Covid-19 emergency in Japan

Capcom, one of the most important developers in Japan and the world, is based in Osaka. The capital of one of the prefectures affected by the anti-covid measures imposed by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga registered a new state of alarm where, among other things, the employees of large companies who will do their work from home or with a very limited number of people in the offices.

As reported by the media Business Journal (through Kotaku), even with these measures imposed by the Japanese government, Capcom allegedly forced its workers to go to the offices.

The alleged reasons for making this decision respond to the cyberattack that the company suffered last November and that would have prevented the development of an external work network that would facilitate teleworking.

The measures of the state of alarm were launched in January of this year. One of the informants showed an email sent to the workers: We are abandoning the remote network for the moment, and it was decided that there was no choice but to get to work.

Regarding Capcom, the company has explained that they take the health of their workers very seriously and that measures and protocols have been taken in the offices to guarantee their safety, such as staggered hours, use of masks, etc.

From Business Journal they also point out that in Capcom, apparently, does not exist a union of workers and that the company would not allow it either. This newly released report aims to shed light on the working conditions faced by a large number of developers. Although these practices do not violate the labor laws of the country, they are, to say the least, questionable.

Other big companies like Nintendo, Sony or Square Enix have allowed their employees to carry out their functions through teleworking. There have been many games that have suffered delays due to the pandemic in Japan. Gran Turismo 7 has been one of the last affected.

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