Mattel is releasing a $ 400 Grogu (Baby Yoda) plushie … and the price has an explanation

Mattel is releasing a $ 400 Grogu (Baby Yoda) plushie ... and the price has an explanation

If something is doing Lucasfilm with The Mandalorian is to monetize the figure of Grogu (Baby Yoda). Although initially material of the most beloved character of the star wars series To guarantee the impact of its appearance, avalanches of products have subsequently been arriving featuring the small Force-sensitive being of the same race as the Grand Master Yoda. Grogu action figures and plush toys come in all shapes and sizes.

Now Mattel joins the Grogu rush with a new plush that will cost a whopping 400 dollars. However, the cost of the stuffed animal is explained in the small details that surround the little Star Wars character.

With a stuffed body, but a sculpted head (it would have been all figure, but Mattel doesn’t have the permissions for it), Grogu has a scale of practically 1.1 with the one seen in The Mandalorian, in addition to a tunic identical to the one that appears in the series.

But the main characteristic is in the floating cradle elaborated with great detail and that adapts to figures of Grogu like those of Sideshow or Hot Toys. This floating crib includes an adjustable transparent pedestal that can raise the crib from the ground up to one and a half meters in height. The crib includes an electronic lock for when we want to put Grogu to take a nap after he has eaten everything we have in the kitchen.

What do you think of the Mattel Grogu plush that adds to the collection of The Mandalorian products?

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