An NBA player and Faze Clan streamer is suspended from the team for anti-Semitism in Warzone

An NBA player and Faze Clan streamer is suspended from the team for anti-Semitism in Warzone

Meyers leonard, NBA player and center of the Miami Heat, used the coronavirus pandemic and confinement as a streamer by also joining FaZe Clan, amassing 69,000 followers on Twitch and two sponsors. But, all that has not prevented that in a live while playing Call of Duty Warzone he showed a anti-semitic attitude.

F ****** cowards, don’t make me f ***** snipers“It was those and other words that Leonard kindly dedicated in the live voice chat while laughing. As we said, despite the fact that the live has already been deleted from the channel, said fragment was captured and uploaded to Youtube and it is already circulating on Twitter; a day later, when he returned live, his comment box was filled with references to that.

Most of the comments were deleted by moderators before the chat became emojis only, but shortly after the live was cut off when Leonard received a call. “Chat, something has happened“, He said. “I must hang up, call my wife, I’ll talk to you later“As the story emerged and was published, Leonard issued a statement of apology for comments.

Even though I didn’t know the words the significance of those words then, my ignorance about its history and how offensive it is to the Jewish community is no excuse at all.“, you could read. This isn’t Leonard’s first blunder, either, in an NBA game in 2020. decided to stand -contrary to the rest of his colleagues- in solidarity with the movement Black Lives Matter.

All this has not prevented two of his sponsors from deciding to cut ties with him, one of them the PC Origin company and the SCUF remote control manufacturers (both owned by Corsair). Besides, Leonard will also be “off the computer indefinitely“while the Heat – owned by Israeli-American businessman Micky Arison – and the NBA carry out an investigation.

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The clan gaming FaZe has also issued a statement in which they affirm that Leonard has never been a member of them, but despite everything they have cut ties anyway.

Source: PC GamerKotaku

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