Rust is one of the most popular PC games of the moment, and has millions of servers around the world, such as the renowned Egoland by El Rubius and Auronplay, among others. However, a fire has caused the massive loss of game save data

This has been communicated by the official Rust account on Twitter, reporting a fire that has affected the headquarters of the game. This goes further, and it is confirmed that there more than 25 servers in the European Union they have lost all saved data.

The fire has broken out in the Strasbourg offices in France, and its creators claim that the data center has lost numerous server saves in Europe. Not only that, but the fire has been extended to neighboring offices, although fortunately there are no injured.

As a result, there are 25 European Rust servers offline, which means that many survival title players have lost their save data. The causes of the fire are unknown, and unfortunately it is confirmed that the data cannot be recovered.

We have confirmed a total loss of European servers, affected during the OVH data center fire. Unfortunately, the fire destroyed the SBG-2 building. We expect a great loss of data on the affected servers. We will share more news when we can.” Explained the official statement from Facepunch Studios, creators of Rust.

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Currently, the study is evaluating what options they have in the face of this massive loss of data, since there is no way to restore them and this will affect more than 25 European Rust servers. The information has been shared by other media and analyst Kevin Beaumont.

Meanwhile, two days ago Double Eleven announced that the Rust Console Edition will go on sale this spring, to PS4 and Xbox One, although it can also be played in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility.

Source: PC Gamer