STALKER 2 will have “a large number” of narrative and ending ramifications.

STALKER 2 will have "a large number" of narrative and ending ramifications.

After so many laps about its possible continuity and development many years ago, in May 2018 the study of Ukraine officially confirmed it. To make matters worse, in July of last year we saw the trailer for STALKER 2, which will be exclusive to Xbox Series X on console and will arrive on Game Pass.

It is clear that fans of the saga have been waiting for this second installment for a long time, so the GSC Game World studio he is clear about wanting to bet on something that leaves a mark. It was already clear that they were going to repeat an atmosphere full of shooter, terror and immersive mechanics, accompanied by a large open world, but now it seems that its plot will not be something easy to explain.

This itself is one of the things that the developer has promised, but it will also be a story that will react to the player’s choices. Which, of course, will lead to different endings,but in what way and to what extent will these choices and consequences be divergent??

Well according to GSC Game WorldIt seems that a lot, of course. Speaking recently through the Russian podcast Not Brought In, translated thanks to Gamingsym, Zakhar Bocharov PR studio manager said the open world Zone will offer a “non-linear history with great changes in its branches and different endings“.

It also promises that the Zone will be at the level of history, since the single player mode is the main thing in STALKER 2, finally hinting – albeit clearly saying it: “This is a game you want to buy and replay for the sake of history“.

Microsoft has been in contact with major publishers to include their games on Xbox Game Pass

So if you have played the first STALKER and you are fans of its narrative, this one does not think to be left behind.

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