Spec-Ops The Line, Battlefront 2, and Squadrons Writer Joins Insomiac Games

Spec-Ops The Line, Battlefront 2, and Squadrons Writer Joins Insomiac Games

It seems that Walt williams, the writer behind stories created in Spec-Ops: The Line, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Star Wars Squadrons, is now in the ranks of Insomniac Games. And that will be a good thing for those who enjoyed the rough diamond that was Spec-Ops The Line, post is now in the ranks of the studio that created Marvel’s Spider-Man and the recent Miles Morales.

But even though Williams can be remembered a lot after his work in said gameIt is true that he has recently gone through other projects that have also stood out in the industry. For example, these two Star Wars title that we mentioned to you, so that it is not turkey mucus either.

It is not known which party contacted the other to start working together, but the point here is that will start collaborating with Insomniac Games in projects for the study. Cast it is also good for study, because for many years he has been in the sights of many players.

Although at the moment the type of games that will be commissioned is unknown, keep in mind that Insomniac will publish finally in June Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart. For this reason, it is unknown if it will become part of a totally new project, something similar to MediEvil of 2019 or something else.

For now We will be waiting to see what type of projects are announced in this regard, or if it is your own Williams the one that, if necessary, makes public its participation in a certain project.

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¿What do you think they can have in their hands from Insomniac Games?

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