The launch of Monster Hunter Rise is approaching, and players are already preparing their hunter outfits. Will be next March 26th when the new installment of the Capcom saga sees the light, but while you can keep enjoying your second free demo.

Surely you already want to face the hunt in Monster Hunter Rise, but first you must know the basics of hunting. Therefore, Capcom has released a new gameplay trailer for the Nintendo Switch game, centered on one of the characters of Kimura Village: Master Utsushi.

This character will be one of our guides in the Kimura Village from Monster Hunter Rise, and will teach us how equip ourselves for hunting, in addition to being able to interact with it, receive guild missions and other playable options.

Not only that, but this new trailer shows us up to 9 minutes of gameplay of the Switch game. Logically, it focuses on Master Utsushi, his teachings, weapons and hunting skills, and serves as a short introduction for the release of the title.

Remember that yesterday Capcom announced the launch of a second demo, available for free in the eShop. Of course, it will only be available until next March 11Although PC users will have to wait until 2022 to play Monster Hunter Rise.

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In case all the content of the game seems little to you, its creators announced yesterday that Monster Hunter Rise will receive more monsters, missions and news with free updates. The Master Utsushi will be a vital part of the game, and in this trailer you can get to know him a little better.

Monster Hunter Rise will go on sale next March 26th on Nintendo Switch; one of the most powerful exclusives of the hybrid console for this 2021, which will also arrive accompanied by golden amiibo and other products licensed by Nintendo.

Source: Gematsu