Resident Evil Village reveals how much space it will occupy on our hard drives

Resident Evil Village reveals how much space it will occupy on our hard drives

Lady Dimitrescu and many other surprises await us in Resident Evil Village, the new installment of the saga that will be released on May 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Are you ready to be scared?

If you wait like May water, never better said, this Resident Evil Village, surely you have been aware of the information that has been revealed by Capcom. To all of them, it has been added the size of the game and how much it will occupy.

Resident Evil Village will occupy 50.02 GB on the hard drive. The information was shared in Microsoft Store, so these data refer to Xbox consoles, but it would be expected that the weight of this eighth installment would be very similar on other platforms.

However, we have an important point and it is that that file size also seems include multiplayer title Resident Evil Verse which is incorporated with the game starring Ethan Winters. So, for those who just want to enjoy the solo adventure, RE Village would be 35GB in weight. Verse has its own weight, 15 GB in total.

Therefore, even though there could be some difference depending on the console or PC, it seems that Resident Evil Village will not occupy more than 50 GB of space.

The game is one of the most important releases of the year and the hype is already very high. The director of Resident Evil Village promises “many horrible and intense scenes” when it is released. Furthermore, it seems that some are already looking to the future. Resident Evil 9 is in development, claimed a well-known insider of the series last week.

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