Nintendo will publish this week for Switch A-Train All Aboard! Tourism, a somewhat unexpected title due to its rather Japanese theme, but which will nevertheless be released in Europe and America at the same time as in Japan. It’s about a city ​​building and management simulator, whose starting point are the trains.

In A-Train: All Aboad! Tourism, developed by Artdink (whose first installment dates back to 1985) we put ourselves in the shoes of the president of a railway company, which distributes the city’s railway network. The train stations are the nerve centers of the city, and its development will depend on them.

A well-communicated area will prosper, but for this we will have to handle the accounts well and earn income through advertising or even buying and selling of stocks.

The main novelty of this delivery are the Touristic centres, from historical monuments to amusement parks. We will have to ensure that they are well communicated, by train and also by other means of transport such as buses or ferries. In addition, we can also decorate the villages with other facilities, beyond the trains, model the terrain, customize the trains …

A-Train All Aboard Tourism Nintendo Switch

This title will only be distributed in digital format, at a price of 59.99 euros, and with texts in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. It will be on sale this Friday, March 12.

It’s not a game for everyone, but if you like trains and city management games like Cities Skyline, it might be worth a try … and that’s why it’s available now a free demo with the first chapter, with which to familiarize yourself with the base of the game. If you buy it, you can continue your departure from the demo.


A-Train All Aboard! Tourism was announced in a Nintendo Direct Mini in October 2020 (only in the Japanese broadcast), and there it was announced that it would have texts in Spanish, although until now its launch in the West had not been confirmed.