New illustrations of The Eternals show the Celestials, Kro and the Unimente

New illustrations of The Eternals show the Celestials, Kro and the Unimente

We still have enough left to be able to sit in the armchair of our cinema and enjoy the film of Los Eternos, a film that we would have seen by now if it weren’t for the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). However, until November we will not be able to see it (at the earliest), and we still have to see the Black Widow movie, with Scarlett Johansson returning in his iconic role as Natasha romanoff. Hopefully things stabilize and we can catch up soon.

Meanwhile, Marvel fans are complaining that there has been no teaser or trailer for The Eternals, despite the fact that the filming of the film ended many months ago. We only get promotional merchandising images like the ones we have today.

A line of t-shirts shows us illustrations with some of the characters that we will see in Los Eternos, including the presence of several Celestials, the creators of the Eternals. We already met Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, for example.

The Eternos t-shirts also show us the leader of the Deviants and main antagonist of the film: Kro. The appearance does not convince us, but until there is an official image of how it will look on screen we will give the benefit of the doubt.

The last great presence we see on Los Eternos t-shirts is the Unite, an entity that arises from the union of several Eternals and with which they can face enemies that they could not face alone.

What do you think of Los Eternos t-shirts? Do you think we can see a trailer soon?

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