Fantasian, the new RPG of Hironobu Sakaguchi creator of the legendary Final Fantasy saga, little by little you see new details. The address will be borne by Sakaguchi, in addition to that its soundtrack will be composed of Nobuo Uematsu, so it is normal to wait with great interest.

However, it is in this last aspect where more weight can fall, since it would be the work with which the composer would finish his work, according to Sakaguchi. In an interview with MobileSyrupAfter many other questions and answers, the director commented that the composition of Fantasian by Uematsu – widely known for his works in Final fantasy– could come to an end after passing through the game for Apple arcade.

I think (Nobuo Uematsu) has hinted that Fantasian may be the last game I work on from start to finish in terms of soundtrack“, He said Sakaguchi, adding that Fantasianit could be his last album“Still, think that Uematsu will continue with individual works contributing in various games, as he did with the main theme of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

First of all, due to the complications that the composer has been undergoing in his health condition, Sakaguchi said it was not clear if Uematsu could be in full in Fantasian, but in the end a 60-piece OST came in. And, speaking of this, Sakaguchi concluded by saying: “The most positive thing is that he has turned to it body and soul. For me, when I heard it, it almost made me cry a little, because it was a great moment in our careers“.

Nobuo Uematsu has composed many soundtracks that today have passed to posterity in the video game world, a large part of them for sakaguchi games. For this very reason, and his life and career, it is understandable that you need a good rest.

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However, once this happens and Uematsu stop composing soundtracks, a part of the curtain will close with it.

Source: MobileSyrup (Thanks, Nintendo Enthusiast)