The Western Digital SN550 has earned a good reputation among computer lovers, and it is that it is an SSD that runs at a very good speed (about 2400 MB per second of read speed in some cases) and that is also not expensive.

Without going any further, the 500GB edition in NVMe M.2 format it costs 69.99 euros on Amazon, although there is a store that has it even cheaper. It’s Techinn, who sells it for only 63 euros, a somewhat lower price and that makes it more worthwhile.

Shipping is from Spain and would only take 48 business hours, another advantage to take into account, although it is worth mentioning that the price it has on Amazon is also good. The difference is small and when you see how well your PC works with it, you will know little.

They are 500GB, enough to install the operating system and the applications or games that you want to work better and faster, since it is common for many users to have two SSDs: one with better performance but less capacity and another with at least 1TB but slower .

If this is your case, this WD SN550 is a great option for the first, to have Windows 10 and some apps, few, in addition to the game you are playing at all times, so you would not end up with its 500GB of capacity.

Usually, NVMe SSDs are somewhat more expensive, and the proof of this is that there are others with 500GB that are much cheaper, although they have nothing to do with performance, so it is advisable to have at least one of these NVMe to install the key apps and the operating system, since otherwise you will weigh down their fluency quite a bit.

The number of good free games on PC joins the long list of gifts from platforms such as Epic or Prime Gaming, something that makes the pressure on the storage of gaming computers is increasing, so it is time to expand.