Valheim: How to Get Wood Core (Required to Create Guardian Stone)

Valheim: How to Get Wood Core (Required to Create Guardian Stone)

In Valheim, as in any other survival adventure game, the natural resources that we find will have a strong impact on our progression and improvements. You have to cut down, hunt, gather and it is a necessity.

Of course, in Valheim there are also materials that turn out to be better than others And today we are going to talk about a special type of wood that is practically essential and that later will serve us to, among other things, create Guardian Stone.

Valheim: How to Get Wood Core (Required to Create Guardian Stone)

As you progress in Valheim, if you want to build objects of higher quality and importance, you will have to give up the simple wood that beech trees provide and go out to look for wood cores. These are relatively easy to find, if you are well prepared.

The location of the wood cores is the Black Forest, an area in which dangers abound, but which is very valuable in natural resources. Once you defeat the first boss of Valheim, have everything ready, including your ax, to go find this wood in the forest.

The cores can only be found in a specific type of tree, the pine. You can distinguish it by presenting aesthetic variations and a considerable height. Once you do, get the different logs and get the precious wood. When you have the material you will discover what you can build with the cores. Remember to be prepared, the Black Forest is not a place for newcomers.

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