Bravely Default II: How to see all endings of the game (good, bad and secret ending)

Bravely Default II: How to see all endings of the game (good, bad and secret ending)

While you can choose to reach the end of the game naturally and have fun, you should be aware that there are up to three different endings in Bravely Default II: the bad ending (the normal one), the good ending, and the secret ending.

Even reaching the normal (bad) ending is going to make things very difficult for you in Bravely Default II, and to reach the rest of the endings you are going to have to find, above all, a series of secret classes.

We are going to give you all keys so you can unlock the three different endings for Bravely Default II, and also what you must do to obtain the secret classes. Prepare for spoilers below these lines.

Bravely Default II: How to see all endings of the game (good, bad and secret ending)

Generally speaking, if you want to see both the secret ending and the good ending, you will have to obtain the three optional jobs of the game such as the gambler, the braveador and the balm maker.

To get everyone:

  • Balm maker: through a secondary mission in chapter 3, specifically you find it in the town of Endermo in Rimedhal. We must enter the mayor’s brother’s dreams, and complete a dungeon in its entirety to receive this job.
  • The gambler– Through a side quest after saving Savalon in the casino. As soon as we talk to Sharley who will teach us to play cards, we will have to face her in the game and when we defeat her we will already have this asterisk for work.
  • Braveador: We will obtain it after fighting Sir Sloan when he is young, and to trigger the combat we must go to this area of ​​the knight’s tomb. In particular, this tomb is where the prologue ends.

Trigger the bad ending (the one that comes out by default)

You could say that it is the default conclusion, and it is the first time you have finished the game.

We will have as final boss The Evil One who has 150,000 life and we advise you to go with a black magician to use fire magic to the maximum and also with a bard to take advantage of each of its benefits. You could also be accompanied by some secondary work of Master of the Spirits.

We advise you to save all the elixirs for the real final showdown that will come later.

Note that this enemy changes shape when his life goes down so the combat will be a bit long. As soon as the fight is over you will witness the bad ending.

Trigger the secret ending

Bravely Default II

After finishing the game and seeing the bad ending that is the default, you will start again in the sealing chamber, and when a character asks you if you are ready to face your final challenge you say “no” and return to the mountains between Savalon and Halcyonia.

Now you must visit the tomb where the prologue ends and you will start another fight and as we told you, when you beat it, you will be awarded the Braveador job.

Now with this new job, the character who asked you if you were ready for the final fight returns and this time accept it, and by defeating the enemy in that final fight you will get the secret ending.

Trigger the true ending

Bravely Default II

To do this you must jump into the abyss and face the final boss, which is the toughest confrontation in the entire game. You must add to your team as is the new Braveador class and a white wizard with skills of master of the spirits. You can use the special move of the white magician that improves the whole group.

This last boss has two forms, in the first you will find the three objectives in the two hands and in the nucleus. Hands are immune to most elements and halve magic damage, so focus on non-elemental physical attacks. Use skills that affect more than one target at the same time. As for the core, it is weak to swords and black magic.

The second form has no weaknesses, on top of it it is immune to earth. This second form can inflict debuffs on the entire party with a single move and you must take advantage of the Braveador class.

You must strike a balance between healing and attacks, and also try to make the strongest attacks you have in the group each turn. Use all the elixirs that you have accumulated.

Now you know how to see all the endings of Bravely Default II and also how to unlock the secret classes. For more information you can consult our analysis of Bravely Default II and how to level up fast and more tips and tricks to start playing.

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