Bloodborne on PS5? A user finds in the PS Store the game file with references to that version

Bloodborne on PS5?  A user finds in the PS Store the game file with references to that version

Many remember Bloodborne fondly, as one of the most special games that PS4 has had exclusively, especially those who hold the Souls saga. But,And if it came to PlayStation 5? It is clear that the game has been silent for a long time, as if the PS4 was not going to come out despite the multiple rumors of its arrival on PC.

In spite of everything, along with these rumors, the possibility that the FromSoftware game broke his simple launch in PS4 consoles to be available on PS5. And it may be, since in one of these many rumors it was said that many other PS4 exclusives would follow in its wake; and we have already seen examples like Horizon Zero Dawn or Days Gone.

However, in June of last year we saw something related to a possible PS5 remaster. for the game, and it is here when this issue comes into consideration. The YouTuber and modder Lance McDonald has resurrected a tweet from a Twitter user who published a photo showing a Bloodborne PS5 version locked on PS Store.

I realized this long ago. It only happens with certain dev kits and it’s probably a bug but I don’t care, please give me a little hope“. Y It may be an errorIndeed, as many others comment in the answers, although to make sure even more the user responsible for the photo, Mr. Zemari even recorded a video.

Anyway, you have to be cautious despite this because for now there is nothing confirmed and this obviously does not confirm anything. However, a person can always dream that something good will happen.why not?

One of those responsible for the official Bloodborne guide hints that there is a version for PS5 in development

¿What do you think about this possibility of seeing Bloodborne on PS5?

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