Amazon is developing a live action movie from the Hellsing manga

Amazon is developing a live action movie from the Hellsing manga

Netflix may be considered the anime platform, and with good reason with all the titles it has available, but that does not mean that the rest of streaming services turn their backs on this type of audiovisual productions.

In fact, as reported Deadline, Amazon is very interested in the Hellsing manga, although this will not reach the platform in anime format but in live action film, which will also have the scriptwriter of the John Wick series, Derek Kolstad, who will be in charge of its adaptation.

“Ever since my brother introduced me to the world of Hellsing manga and anime a few years ago, I’ve been obsessed with adapting it. So when Mike Callaghan and his team got hold of the rights and teamed up with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Amazon , I don’t know … this is a dream, “said Kolstad.

Written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano, Hellsing reimagines Dracula as Alucard, a special agent for the Hellsing organization, which is under the command of Integra Hellsing, the great great granddaughter of Abraham Van Hellsing, whose mission is to protect England and the entire world from vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural threats. The manga also focuses on the story of one of its new recruits, former police officer Seras Victoria.

Though there is still no director, no protagonists, not even a release dateWithout a doubt, this has become one of Amazon’s most interesting projects, especially because if Kolstad is in charge, he will not miss his great action sequences as he has shown throughout the saga starring Keanu Reeves.

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