Valheim: How to Build Up Your Weapon Skills Faster (Skill Farming)

Valheim: How to Build Up Your Weapon Skills Faster (Skill Farming)

You will have to invest dozens and dozens of hours to improve skills in ValheimEven normal skills like blocking or weapon damage are going to require you to invest a lot of time in the adventure.

However, there are a number of methods, somewhat boring, thanks to which you could raise most of the skills without doing anything at all from the beginning of the game.

As you well know, raising your skills in Valheim is as simple as playing and playing. For example, if you want to improve a particular weapon, it is done simply by using it constantly; or if you want, for example, to improve the blocking with a shield, then you simply have to use the shield and block and block for tens and tens of hours.

But of course, since your life is surely very busy, we are going to give you some methods so that you can improve your skills in Valheim in just a few minutes.

Valheim: How To Increase Your Weapon Skills Faster

Most of these methods you can do completely alone, although one in particular will require you to enter a multiplayer server so that a friend can help you with it.

There are some skills that are more preferable to level up than others, and we are going to focus on enhancing the skills of melee weapons, enhancing the skills of the ax and pickaxe, and enhancing the blocking ability.

Improving the skill of melee weapons

To do this we must locate stones, those large stones that are unbreakable with melee weapons. So just build a training structure around these stones, then choose the weapon of choice you want to upgrade and spend some time hitting the stone non-stop.

Note that normal weapons do not break stones, although they do cause a small fraction of damage, which will allow you to level them up as if you were constantly hitting enemies. You will have to repair them from time to time, and continue the process for a couple of hours.

Improving ax and pickaxe skill

For this we must choose to cut wood, and in particular we must find birch logs. They are very hard trunks found in both plains and grasslands biomes. So just go to these areas, find white trees, and hit them non-stop with the ax and the pick to improve their skills without breaking the trunk. It is very similar to the theme of stones, but specifically for these weapons in particular we must use birch logs.


Improving the skill of blocking

Here we need the help of a friend, and for this simply activate the PVP on the multiplayer server and invite a friend. What you need to do is tell your friend to hit your shield while you’re blocking, over and over, for a long time. You can do this in the sacrificial stone area to negate all damage. With 20 or 30 minutes doing this process you will see that our blocking ability increases a lot.

The idea is that your friend equips himself with the weakest weapons while constantly hitting your shield while you are blocking.

So thanks to these simple tricks you can upgrade most skills in Valheim. Now do not miss our guide with everything you need to know to start playing one of the most popular games on Steam of 2021, how to build a bonfire inside a cabin, best Valheim weapons and how to create them and codes from the console of commands, how to get silver, iron, bronze and more minerals, how to turn trolls into resource gathering tools such as wood and copper, how to keep monsters away from your base in very simple and creative ways, how to farm rare items from unlimited way and the best seeds of February.

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