This is the webcam you need if you want your broadcasts to be of quality, with up to 60 FPS

This is the webcam you need if you want your broadcasts to be of quality, with up to 60 FPS

Now that streaming is on the rise, you may have considered broadcasting your games professionally. And among all the accessories you need to become a full-fledged streamer, there is one that will give your games a lot of quality: the camera.

Although they do not need to see you, Putting a face on a streamer always brings closeness and confidence to the public, so why skimp on quality? And less when you have a Logitech Brio Stream camera at 60 FPS for only 199 euros.

The usual price of this camera on Amazon is 259 euros, but with this discount of 60% you save 60 euros. 60, like the frames per second that this UltraHD camera has.

The Logitech Brio Stream Camera is designed for video bloggers and streamers, as it It has an UltraHD 4K resolution and works at 60fps when you use it in Full HD, so it captures your facial features and expressions much better, offering a clear and sharp image of your face.

Thanks to these 60fps too you can create slow motion repeat playbacks thanks to the fast frame rate, to give a more pronounced style to your streams. In addition, take care of your image in any type of lighting thanks to its RightLight 3 technology with HDR.

You can customize the field of view to your liking, choosing between 65 °, 78 ° or 90 ° so your followers can see what you want them to see. What’s more, includes a Premium XSplit license 12 months, with default settings to optimize your streams.

If you are going to start streaming, walk through the big door with this Logitech 60fps camera for 199 euros and receive it tomorrow with Amazon prime. And if you don’t have Prime, open an account right now and enjoy its benefits for free 30 days without obligation.

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