Razer Anzu, the smart glasses that protect your eyes and have speakers, micro and touch controls

Razer Anzu, the smart glasses that protect your eyes and have speakers, micro and touch controls

It’s no secret that Razer is one of the big companies in gaming technology, and they always surprise us with new products as groundbreaking as their own smart mask. On this occasion, the leading gamer lifestyle brand presents its Razer Anzu glasses.

As it could happen in any science fiction movie, the Razer Anzu are smart glasses, perfect for all types of gamers. Beyond their UV protection and a sophisticated isolation technology, these glasses have very amazing features.

The Razer Anzu They are a box of surprises, and it is that in their elegant design they include a microphone, speakers, and even touch controls, which almost go unnoticed in the lateral pastes. The idea is that players can communicate with other users and manage aspects of each game just by wearing these smart glasses.

Razer has introduced these futuristic glasses, available in your website for $ 199.99, in two different models. They make up a series of touch controls, an omni-directional microphone and a 16mm audio output. To link it to a device, it is necessary to activate Bluetooth and that it is compatible with the Razer Anzu operating system.

These touch controls allow us play, skip, pause and activate the wizard service in a few seconds, but it also has several surprises. The first one is the so-called Game Mode, a specific equalizer for video games, which has its own app for iOS and Android.

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Refering to battery life, Razer claims it can last five hours, and that can be charged thanks to the USB port included in the box. There is a second mode, which will make you see everything as if they were the characteristic ones Matrix movie codes; all a chulada.

Razer sells its smart glasses Razer Anzu since your own website, At a price of $ 199.99. As if all this were not enough, the lenses are interchangeable and are very resistant to water, although it is not recommended that they get too wet. The future is here.

Source: PC Gamer

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