The Nintendo 64 catalog stood out for its colorful 3D platform games, following in the wake of Super Mario 64. No company was more successful than Rare, thanks to Banjo-Kazooie, some pets that became icons of their time (and are still highly missed today).

However, after many similar and childish games, they decided to lose themselves a bit with Conker, a nice-looking squirrel, but actually very foul-mouthed, violent, alcoholic, and also quite perverted. Conker’s Bad Fur Day It was a game that was deceiving, because it marked a very adult and “macarilla” humor, like the then enormously popular South Park. You just have to see how it was advertised 20 years ago!

The game was not a great sales success, due to many not catching the joke (was advertised in magazines like Playboy or Maxim), and its controversial content made Nintendo turn its back on it (in Spain it never came out). It didn’t help, of course, that it came out in March 2001, when the Nintendo 64 was already dying.

When you turn 21, you can finally drink legally in America“They congratulate him from the official Rare account.

Yes it was on March 5, 2001 when Conker’s Bad Fury Day came out. It is ten years since this game, directed by Chris Seavor, which also voiced Conker. It had a remake on Xbox, Conker Live & Reoloaded (and also a version for Game Boy Color, which incredibly, bypassed all adult content and focused on children).

You can currently play Conker’s Bad Fur Day on Rare Replay (which is included in Game Pass). Also, from the Rare website you can buy new Conker merchandise.

conker plush rare

In the Fangamer online store you will also find licensed products, including an adorable talking plush toy: if you squeeze it you will hear new lines recorded by Seavor.

If you want to know more, Rare has also shared a short report investigating the original project Twelve Tales: Conker 64. This is how Conker’s game was originally going to be … Before Chris Seavor wanted to put some machine guns on the little squirrel. Tim Stamper, studio director at the time, liked it, and as they say, one thing led to another. Congratulations, Conker!